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Her name was Lola



I've been so taken with the colourful life of one Lola Montez that I've "scrapped" her (created a scrapbook page) and have ordered a new biography from Amazon.

I first discovered Lola in December when Giz and I, in Munich, went to the Schloss-Nymphenburg palace on a guided tour. We were spell bound by the "Schonheitsgalerie" of King Ludwig 1: basically, a room with dozens of portraits of beautiful women on the walls, all his previous conquests. The guide told us that one of the women, Lola Montez, was unique in that she has two paintings because she didn't like the first one.

萝拉最初出生于爱尔兰,当她去西班牙时,曾改变了她的名字,被训练为西班牙舞者,并重新发明自己。她是第一个名人武班斯之一。落下Ludwig 1的宝座后,她移民到美国,是几个高调档案的富裕情妇。

Anyway, check out Lola for yourself - I was amazed to see a full page review in the Sunday Times on a new book about her!

她是我的长期“痴迷”的最新状态。我听到了一个想法,一个人,绘画或其他什么,我必须了解它。当我很年轻的时候开始了。互联网一直是帮助我快速解决的神秘!多年来,我成为Sloth,Cro Magnons V Neanderthals,Imperial Topaz(不是令人讨厌的蓝色)这样的事情,威廉姆里希,拉西普丁,保罗瓦莱恩和雷姆巴德和英国蝙蝠。


British Airways: fast becoming the world's least favourite airline?


And predictably BA wasn't going to reimburse people who had to pay for more expensive flights, or cover hire car or hotel cancellations.

This most incompetent and arrogant of airlines will soon be renamed the world's least favourite airline, particularly if its lucrative business passengers discover that actually the other airlines considerably outperform BA.


BA has forgotten what good customer service is about. It still has warehouses full of baggage dating back to November which have little prospect of being returned to their owners. BA claimed at the time it was caused by the fog and breakdowns in the carousels at Heathrow. The truth however was that BA has systematically got rid of baggage handlers over the last few months and doesn't have enough to clear the backlog.

直到BA重新发现超过10年前赢得它的品牌价值,我将继续与其他运营商一起飞行 - 如果今天有任何东西,我不是唯一一个。



模糊毛毡和leoony链接。They sound like a couple of characters from a Disney film, but those of my vintage will remember them as children's games. What they have in common is that I requested both of them on Christmas lists, years ago, but didn't get either of them.

So this is jokingly brought up, every now and then, along with "and I never got a go on the boating lake in Goodrington."

What a hard done by child!



At Christmas I usually asked for an arty gift. One year it was Spiromatic, another year it was Spirofoil. These were spin-offs from Spirograph, which I never really liked all that much (too mathematical looking). Spiromatic was more fun: it was a battery controlled wheel with acrylic paints. As the wheel revolved, you squirted paint and the result was a geometric design of sorts. Spirofoil was similar to Spirograph but included sheets of foil so that you produced embossed creations.



Giz and Stamps must have mulled this over, because in a very uncharacteristic "out of cycle" happening we went to Halfords and they bought me a brand new bike of my own. I wanted a Chopper but ended up with a Golden Arrow, an elegant little blue bike (fortunately the words "Tri Ang" were very small).

所以我进入了骑自行车的熟练程度并摇摇欲坠的方式 - 只是。

In another out of cycle happening Stamps took me to Smiths and bought me a typewriter. Areal一。我有一个孩子的打字机,一个小小的圣诞节,但它几乎没有持续到我打字的方式。所有的信件都掉了下来。我花了几个小时创造故事和杂志。所以当邮票给我买了一个真正的成年人的打字机时,我被克服了快乐,这是一个史密斯-Corona。
It lasted about five years until I bought my own replacement when I entered my journalism apprenticeship.



Another fine mess as Channel 4 cancel the voting so far because of an on-screen mistake which said "Save Shilpa" instead of "to evict Shilpa."





So as we limp to the end, we can see that Jermaine has scarcely changed since we first met him. Solid, dependable, dignified. Shilpa has also emerged as strong, consistent and genuine. For the rest, Ian "H" is shown to us as nervy, submissive and needy; Dirk as moody, self-pitying and misogynistic; Cleo as lonely, deluded (she thinks those characters are funny?) but basically well meaning, and Jo and Danielle as dull, boring, empty-headed, poorly educated and coarse. It doesn't always follow that celebrities exposed for negative personality aspects fall from grace. Jan Leeming seems to be doing OK, for example, because although she came across as needy and whiny, she also rose to the challenge of the trials with fortitude. But there's no positive take out for Jo and Danielle. Danielle has already lost her modelling contracts apparently, and been dumped by Teddy. Jo has less to lose and will presumably slip back into the obscurity from whence she came.


根据今天的论文,在电视上看到的年轻人漫死瑞典家族的财产从Napoli洗了上岸(参见昨天的博客)现在道歉,并推测了包括中国茶具的商品。赫拉!这是非常大的 - 我希望其他一些抢劫者注意到并做同样的事情。

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Change the archaic salvage laws

How heartbreaking for a Swedish family to see their possessions being stolen and ransacked on a Devon beach. Instead, our archaic and ridiculous salvage laws mean that looters and thieves (they are no more than that) drove from miles around to see what they could drag away, some of them taking bags of dog food even though they don't have dogs.


Far better in my mind to have had a proper salvage operation to rescue the containers and return them to their rightful owners, and to have had armed police on standby on the beaches.



Tales from the terraces


Back in the early eighties, when I was a reporter at BBC Radio Devon, they needed someone to cover Plymouth Argyle. The radio station was based in Exeter and the sports producer was not very inclined to come to Home Park for mid week games, lowly Third Division minnows that they were then.


I was something of a novelty then - there were no women football reporters. When I first appeared nervously in the Home Park press box, there was an audible groan and negative body language from the male hacks present.


我在新的设置中表现得很好。当Bobby Moncur辞职为经理时,我是第一个获得故事的时候,即使他不会在磁带上告诉我为什么他正在辞职,它让我听起来非常杰里米帕克曼,就像我保留重复这个问题一样。

另一个时候,我在一个星期天在埃克塞特新闻室中值班,当时这个电话接到了托基联队的新经理,戴夫韦伯,戴夫韦尔韦布尔特的新经理。我对此并不满意;靠近我的转变结束,这意味着托基之旅。当我到达那里时,韦伯让我等待一小时。他说的第一件事是,当看到有“鸟”等着他时,是:“你对足球们来说很重要吗?”我给了他一个稳定的外观,而且,谨慎的切尔西和托基在联盟的立场 - 这两次都很差 - 回答:“是的,你呢?”我的一个新闻盒子Cronies喜欢轶事,它在西方晨报的日记列中出现了与标题“盖尔的尖锐的问题”。

回到普利茅斯的argitle和我的足球野心的死亡。当他们在FA杯的半决赛中发现自己时,球队就会进入聚光灯。他们突然是巨大的杀手,他们的明星前锋汤米·泰诺开始询问采访资金(不是那个收音机德文有任何钱)。我报告了他们在跑到半决赛的所有比赛中的进展。我前往西溴,我去过St Mellion来覆盖团队的训练,我会采访一些妻子。但是,在Radio Devon的权力决定他们需要男性人才(或以其他方式)来覆盖半决赛,所以我被降级到支持者的火车。

我们在Villa Park失去了1-0到Watford;抢劫它;火车上有很多泪水回到斯米特维克斯的普利茅斯。我甚至更加胆可了解到那个涵盖比赛的男性记者大卫威利斯的一个男性记者错过了目标。他问他的同事,艾伦尿,它是什么样的。“bit scrappy”是回复。威利斯后来询问了Watford经理格雷梅泰勒的目标。“我听说的有点吵闹声,”威利斯说,并迅速地用泰勒放在他的位置。“绝对荒谬的评论。由巴恩斯越过的绝对精湛的角落......”等。评论进入了Bloopers的年度圣诞节磁带。




I sincerely hope the UK public will do the right thing tonight and vote out Jade Goody from Celebrity Big Brother.



不过,我不相信玉是种族主义者:doesn't fit the demographic at all and is mixed race.

整个遗憾的业务最糟糕的主角是Danielle。这种荒谬的Dimwit易于引导,这已经采取了最令人震惊的陈述,并一直在搅拌东西。她故意误解了玉溪的情况。例如,她告诉希尔帕,她不同意她对玉的一些事情 - 而且她并不同意玉告诉谢宝帕的意见。这被重复回玉,就像“我告诉她我不同意她对你所说的一些东西。”她还保持重复的不正确的陈述,即Shilpa被指责玉的着名争论。什么是Shilpa的意思是,她只是因为现实的电视节目而出名。这足够真实。


我的评估是三个巫婆和杰克 - 邪恶的四方 - 都嫉妒Shilpa并被她恐吓。当所有人说和完成时,他们都失业了。玉可能会夸耀她的成就,但最近他们已经变得玷污了。她的美容沙龙胸围;她最近的健身视频显然是假的,因为她使用了吸脂,而不是饮食或运动,处理她的体重问题,然后有伦敦马拉松,她声称她没有做任何培训。

Danielle claims to be a model, but she's a former beauty queen who takes her clothes off for Nuts and Zoo. Hardly a model.

Jo O'Meara曾经在一支乐队中,但从那以后没有做任何事情,并在Primark上买所有的衣服。


所以你有它。Shilpa美丽,自信,成功。她是一个学位控制,但在CBB之家中有人需要控制。“成年人”,杰梅曼,克莱科和德克,这是一个巨大的失望,对让邪恶的四方征服了所有障碍的责任。Jermaine想出了一些关于爱每个人的Pyschobabble,这是一个太微笑的玉器和丹尼尔。Carole Malone会对它进行排序。




I've been keen on card making for a year now, and recently turned my attention to scrapbooking. Years ago scrapbooking meant sticking receipts, cuttings and photos into scrapbooks bought from WH Smith - and because nothing was known then about the dangerous properties of acids in paper and ink, if you dig out those scrapbooks now you'll find them in a poor condition. Nowadays, scrapbooking refers to mainly using photographs and creating big bold displays, centrepiecing outstanding photos, on acid and lignin free papers and featuring themed flowers, vellum phrases, stickers, brads, buttons and so on.

There's a whole industry devoted to scrapbooking, numerous public exhibitions and local "crops" where scrapbookers meet up and scrap for the day.

当我开始剪贴簿时,我真的没有正确的想法。我正在使用我的一些心制作用品,但他们并没有真正扩展到12 x 12剪贴簿格式。没有观点;页面看起来并不完全或令人愉悦。





Friday, January 12, 2007


It was only a matter of time. The Beckhams have been flouncing round America quite a lot recently; Real Madrid were getting fed up with David and now he's out of the England side, blighty wasn't such an attractive prospect.



Songs in the key of life


It's funny how the passing years make you kinder to certain artists and songs you despised in their heyday.

作为一个青少年,我热情的大卫·鲍伊,我ggy Pop and new wave music, and despised the pop idols like David Cassidy, David Essex, Donny Osmond, etc. I didn't care much for Tamla Motown, soul, disco or C&W, and loathed heavy metal and heavy rock (still do, as far as the latter are concerned). Yet my dream library has quite a few songs covering most of these artists and genres. And I seem to have a peculiar soft spot for Slade, Wizzard and the Rubettes.

Songs are so evocative. I can listen to a song - for example Peter Frampton's Show Me The Way - and be instantly transported to the Emperor Rosko Radio 1 roadshow on Plymouth Hoe in 1975.


"Amateur Hour" by Sparks reminds me of our holiday in Bournemouth two years earlier where we stayed in a hotel for the first time ever. That was the single I bought while we were there.

"My Sharona" by The Knack takes me back to the sausage factory where I had to spend the summer after finishing my A Levels. I'd cheerfully gone to the dole office thinking I'd have an easy time of it, and was sent to Bowyers where quite a few of my schoolfriends were already slaving over the hogs puddings. The radio was always on but it was difficult to hear above the noise of the machinery.

The first concert I saw, when I was 15, was Andy Fairweather-Low (who?) at the Fiesta Suite in Plymouth. He came on quite late so I only saw him sing two songs because I had to catch the last bus. But I have "Reggae Tune" and his biggest hit as a solo artist, "Wide eyed and legless," to remind me of what I missed. (I wasn't wide eyed and legless - I only had my pocket money so I probably had a Britvic Orange and made it last all night).

向前跳到朋克,我是喜欢朋克的Plympton语法学校中的三个人之一。我们每周五都将朋克记录拿到Glyn先生的唱片俱乐部,他将尽职尽责地在匆忙,LED Zeppelin和Supertramp中努力地玩Devo,Wire,Iggy Pop和Stefers等。我们将适合我们的选择。

Occasionally I'd go to Devonport on two buses to the Metro club to see a live gig.The first time I went, it was a bank holiday and on the bus I saw the two other punk admirers. I didn't actually know them then (Dave and Gary), but I remember scampering up to them and asking if I could walk with them to the Metro, as I guessed that's where they were going.

我看到英国潜艇(我几乎倒在舞台上)和X射线Spex在地铁上的名称两个。在行为之前,DJ扮演了各种各样的音乐:主要是朋克,但有时候是他特别喜欢的歌。“永远不要让她溜走”的Andrew Gold是其中之一。


Some songs remind me of other people. Recently, a shuffle sequence brought me two in a row which brought a lump to my throat: "The folks who live on the hill" by Peggy Lee, much loved by my dad, and "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby, my grandma's favourite Christmas record. I also have a few Andy Williams' tracks. He was one of my mum's favourites back in the 70s.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Those darned resolutions






无论如何,让我们希望2007年是一个和平繁荣的新年,充满挑战和许多乐趣。我已经预订了我们的6月假期(塞浦路斯),约翰于4月份在波士顿组织了四天的马拉松比赛。我现在想预订其中一个“严格来跳舞”周末我看到的广告,你学习四个球室舞蹈。太多期待 - 甚至是一只新猫!